Liverpool City Council: Adoption of technology to improve quality and efficiency of domiciliary care services.

The eHealth Cluster is providing support to the introduction of technology as part of Liverpool City Councils Home Care service. We are supporting the council, care providers and technology providers in the implementation and evaluation of the service.

There are two element to the service:

  • PASS System – uses technology on smart phones to monitor care plans and care visits. Enables ‘red flags’ to alert discrepancies in the care plan. The system can also be accessed by family and support network so they can follow what is happening and issues arising in real time.
  • Caring Cloud – provides ambient monitoring in houses via LoRaWAN technology, enables people to receive the relevant care when needed rather than regimented care regardless of actual need. This technology also allows family carers and friends to be part of a flexible care package working with the Domiciliary Care Providers.

The LoRaWAN technology is currently being installed and by the end of October 2017 we hope to have coverage across the city so that care providers and families can start to take advantage of the latest IoT devices to enhance care services.

This project has been made possible by the European Commission funded StopandGo project.  Grant funding was used to transform social care service provision and create a framework for further adoption of technology.

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