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Welcome to the Adoption Readiness Level Tool

This free self-assessment tool is designed to help your organisation understand the barriers that you might encounter in the uptake of your product, identify areas for further development, and to see how ready you are to introduce your product to the world!

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You can assess your Adoption Readiness Level before or after assessing your Technology Readiness Level (TRL) and is a great complement to it.

The Adoption Readiness Level® tool is a simple self-assessment in five Dimensions: Market, Human, Systems/Integration, Finance & Procurement, and Motivation, through 23 questions. It gives a and overall Adoption Readiness Level score, graded High, Medium or Low, and a percentage score for each dimension to show those areas you might want to develop further.

In order to get the best value and most meaningful result, you will need to really think through the questions in the self-assessment. Bearing this in mind, please allow yourself at least thirty minutes to complete it (you might want to download a copy of the questions to review first).

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