Join eHealth Cluster at ILinks Innovations

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We’re looking forward to being in the Digital Space at ILinks Innovationsat Aintree Race Course this Thursday (7th July).

Throughout the day, cluster members will be exhibiting, demonstrating their products, and  taking part in ‘Cluster Conversations’.



We are running three workshops:

Hear from a selection of eHealth Cluster SMEs on how they are developing and embedding technological innovation into health and social care services. See practical examples of products that have been developed and are currently being integrated in local hospital and community services. Hear from both technology and social care organisations on how they are working together, sharing skills and working across sectors to support practical innovation.


In shaping future service provision around the needs of local neighbourhoods how do we ensure that services are accessible for all groups in the community? How do we engage communities in developing their own solutions? Join us in the Digital Space to hear from local care and technology organisations who are working with communities, see the products and services they are developing. Hear at first-hand how they are embedding digital services and the practicalities they have had to overcome.


  • Damibu – Dave Burrows & John Callaghan
  • Orcha – Liz Ashall-Payne
  • Henshaws – Mark Belcher

We have so many assets within the Liverpool City Region, our hospitals, universities, SMEs and communities. As we start to work together as the Liverpool City Region how do we ensure that we all work together effectively? Join us in the Digital Space to hear about some of the latest initiatives taking place and how you can get involved

With a selection of those already involved: